Social Deduction Fridays

We are going to be running Social Deduction Fridays on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. 


Social Deduction games usually require a lot of talking, can be picked up quickly and typically have a good versus evil element to them! We have lots to choose from so even if one isn't for you, you might like another!
Check out the list below for all the social deduction games we can run.
Blood on the Clocktower
Plays: 5-20 people 
Takes: 30-120 minutes
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Plays: 3-10 people 
Takes: 10 minutes
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Plays: 4-12 people 
Takes: 20 minutes 
Plays: 3-8 people 
Takes: 15 minutes 
Mafia de Cuba
Plays: 6-12 people 
Takes: 10-20 minutes
The Resistance
Plays: 5-10 people 
Takes: 30 minutes 
Secret Hitler
Plays: 5-10 people 
Takes: 45 minutes 
Two Rooms and a Boom
Plays: 6-30 people 
Takes: 7-20 minutes 
Plays: 7-22 people 
Takes: 30-90 minutes 
Plays: 3-7 people 
Takes: 90-180 minutes
Cheese Thief
Plays: 4-8 players
Takes: 10-15 minutes 
Hail Hydra
Plays: 5-8 people 
Takes: 40-75 minutes 
Plays: 5-10 people 
Takes: 30 minutes 
Bristol 1350
Plays: 1-9 people 
Takes: 20-40 minutes 
Plays: 4-10 people 
Takes: 10 minutes 
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