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A Fake Artist Goes To New York

A Fake Artist Goes To New York

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A Fake Artist Goes To New York by is a party game (about drawing) by Oink Games, who produce excellent products in tiny boxes. They’re by no means a gimmick; these are brilliant designs. The box is also hot pink, so not exactly subtle! And then there’s those playing the game – they’ll be the ones crying with laughter. One player is the Question Master. They pick a category (History) and then think of a word within that category (Henry VIII). In secret they’ll write this word down on individual dry-erase boards. But, on one of the boards, they’ll write an ‘X’. They’ll give these out, random, and still in secret, to all the other players. Now everyone has the same clue, except one player – the ‘Fake Artist’! One at a time, each player has to draw one line or squiggle on a piece of paper in their own colour pen. They’ll aim to contribute towards drawing the Question Master’s clue. Of course, the Fake Artist doesn’t know what they’re supposed to be drawing! You’ll want your scrawls to be vague enough to thwart the Fake Artist. But, it needs to be subtle enough for everyone else to recognise it… Each artist will draw two separate lines over two rounds. Then, with a 3-2-1 count-down, everyone at once has to point at the Fake Artist. The Fake Artist and the Question Master win if the Fake Artist isn’t picked. If the Fake Artist is guessed, but then cannot fathom what the actual word is, the artists score a victory. A Fake Artist Goes To New York is a perfect appetiser or night cap to any gaming session. In fact, it’s so entertaining, it’s impossible to only play one round. It’s the kind of party game you could play over and over, and over again… Player Count: 5-10 players Time: 20 minutes Age: 8+

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