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Dice Dice Baby

Dice Dice Baby

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It’s the dicey game of deceit, where you roll your 6 dice, and play the odds to one-up your opponents. Each round, roll your dice and try to guess what your opponents rolled. Are there three 2s in play? What about four 5s? But watch out for those babies... they count for any number.. Make the wrong guess and lose a die. Deceive your friends to be the last player with at least 1 die remaining and win.

Product features:

  • Metallic dice, 3 dice shakers
  • Bluff your way to a win in this easy-to-learn and quick-to-play dice game where confidence is key!
  • Watch out for those babies — they throw a new level of strategy into this familiar gameplay
  • Includes high-quality metallic dice
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