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Project Z: The Zombie Miniatures Game

Project Z: The Zombie Miniatures Game

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Project Z is a skirmish wargame survival set during the zombie apocalypse. Take control of a group of desperate Survivors or ruthless Bike Gangers and scavenge the dangerous city for vital supplies, fighting against both the undead and the living. Do you have what it takes, can you make it out alive? Fight the dead, fight the Living; at all costs, survive. Full Contents: 1 Rules Manual 1 Survivors Guide for Dummies 2 Rules & Weapons Reference Sheets 10 Plastic Survivors 6 Plastic Bike Gangers or 4 Bike Gangers and 2 Bikers 23 Plastic Zombies 10 Combat Dice 8 Character Cards 10 Survival Cards 36 Combat Cards 20 Reload tokens 12 Grit Tokens 6 Wound Tokens 6 Zombie Entry Point Markers 12 Loot Markers 1 Ruler

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