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You and your fellow dwarves are digging for gold in a maze of mining tunnels in the game Saboteur! Some of the miners are trying to foil your efforts and steal all your hard earned gold! To find the mother load you must overcome cave-ins, broken lanterns and busted pick-axes! The dwarf with the most gold nuggets wins! Saboteur is a semi-cooperative game of dwarves mining for gold. Suddenly, the pick-axe breaks, and the lantern goes out! The saboteur has struck again! But who is the saboteur and will they stop you from reaching the treasure? If you succeed, gold awaits you. If you don't, then to the victor goes the spoils. Whoever has the most gold nuggets after three rounds is the winner. Additional details: Packaging size: 125mm x 100mm x 23mm Recommended age: 8+ Number of players: 3-10

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