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Saboteur 20 Years Jubilee

Saboteur 20 Years Jubilee

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For 20 years, the dwarves have been searching the caves for valuable gold. Saboteurs try to hinder their efforts.

Lay pathway cards to create an intricate tunnel and explore the mines to find a major gold deposit. Block those whom you suspect are working against you. Keep your intentions hidden so you don't become a target of sabotage.

The high-quality anniversary edition includes numerous unique cards from Saboteur's past twenty years. New pathway and goal cards, mini-expansions, and game variants also bring surprising twists and plenty of variety to the mining routine.

Stay vigilant and carefully consider who you trust. In the end, only the gold matters!

A game by Frederic Moyersoen with illustrations by Andrea Boekhoff for 2-12 players aged 8 and above, with a playing time of approximately 30 minutes.

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