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Slaine Earth Tribe Warband

Slaine Earth Tribe Warband

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Facing the twin threats of the Drune Lords with their twisted Sour magic blighting the Land of the Young and invasions of Fomorian sea demons intent of enslaving the mankind, the tribes of the Earth Goddess, Danu, are by necessity fearsome warriors. Comprising many different tribes such as The Growling Shields, Tribe of the Shadows and the savage Sessair, the Earth Tribes often fight amongst themselves for dominance but are ultimately united in their devotion to Danu. Among the Sessair are a sect of warriors capable of undergoing a warp-spasm – a mystical battle frenzy allowing them to channel the power of the earth through their body and turning them into berserk, raging beasts, feeling almost impervious to wounds. This boxed set contains the following Warlord resin figures and plastic bases: 1x Warrior of the Sessair Red Branch with gae bolga spear 1x Warrior of the Sessair Red Branch with sword and tathlum 1x Warrior of the Sessair Red Branch with two hand weapons 3x Earth Tribe Warriors with sword & shield 3x Earth Tribe Warriors with spear 1x Warriors of the Sessair Red Branch character card 1x Earth Tribe Warriors unit card 3x Feat cards (Kick, Sky Clad, and Helm of the Horned One).

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