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Warlord Bolt Action German Heer Support Group

Warlord Bolt Action German Heer Support Group

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Forged and tempered in the early years of World War II during the North West Europe and Eastern Front campaigns, the German Army had a core of battle-hardened officers, NCO and soldiers. Supported by two weapons with a high rate of fire - the deadly MG42 medium machine gun (nicknamed 'Hitler's Buzzsaw' by the allies) and the Granatwerfer 34 8cm medium mortar - the Wehrmacht proved a stubborn and well-organised and well-organised opponent to the end. German Heer HQ German officers were capable and often experienced leaders. Junior officers were trained to undertake the role of their own immediate superiors, enabling them to use their initiative to take control of situations when necessary. An officer unit consists of the man himself and can include up to two other men acting as his immediate attendants. German Heer Medium Machine Gun Team The Germans were equipped with two excellent machine guns in the MG34 and rapid-firing MG42 - known to Allied troops as 'Hitler's Buzz Saw' because of its distinctive noise, or 'Spandau'. Unlike other armies, the Germans used the same machine gun both as a squad weapon from its bipod and as a tripod-mounted support weapon. The tripod mount provided a much more stable firing platform and made it easier to keep up a sustained fire using a belt feed. German Hear Medium Mortar Team The standard German medium mortar of the war was the 80mm Granatwerfer 34. It was a very effective and accurate weapon that could provide longer range, on-call fire support. It had a maximum range of 2,400 metres and could maintain a rate of fire of 15-20 rounds per minute. It was carried by its crew in three pieces: base plate, tube and bipod. Contains: 2x Officers with Pistol 1x Medic 1x Radio Operator/spotter 1x Medium Mortar Team 1x MG42 MMG Team Plastic Bases

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