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Zura by Agie Games

Zura by Agie Games

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Every year at the Summer Solstice, all the adults of Zura take their teenagers on a journey of initiation into their long standing heritage of guardians of the balance. This journey is arduous and lasts for many days. Their destination is the mystical oasis called Tzerzura, in the heart of the desert that lies beyond the mountains. Back home the village elders, too wary to travel, watch over the children. One night though, the elder notice that the stars stopped shining, without the stars in the firmament, their sons and daughters cannot hope to find their way back across the desert. So the elders tell their grandchildren about the legend of the Tzerzurians. Now they must ask the young children to embark on a journey to find these legendary Tzerzurians.

In Zura, players are the children that venture into the far reaches of the land to find the Tzerzurians, that will make the stars shine once again for their parents to find the way back from the desert. To do so, players will attempt to play as many travel cards of the same type as they can. The more cards they play, the better are the chances they will find the Tzerzurians. On their journey they might find other beings they aren't looking for but who, by chance, were entrapped in the middle of that mystical mess!

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